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The Unmasking of Kelly James

Tavern Boys #1

"I think I just hired a golden retriever as a nanny."

After college, Kelly James was on his way to his very own happily ever after. But three years later, he's back in town--jobless, homeless, and heartbroken.

Kelly's life needs a restart, and his chance comes in the form of a grumpy widower with three charismatic daughters and a desperate need for a live-in nanny.

Jonah Thatcher is a moody workaholic who expects his house to be ruled with an iron fist--not the chaotic sunshine Kelly brings into his posh home. But the more Kelly entangles himself with Jonah's family, the more Kelly realizes that Jonah is so much more than the gruff man he shows to the world.

Curiosity leads to friendship, and friendship leads to more. But is the risk of loving a secretive man like Jonah worth the potential heartache?

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

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