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Forward-Thinking Angst

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

I’ve always written with the focus of examining tough subjects with respect and a little bit of humor. I started outlining Ariana’s story today and let me tell you, the humor is going to be hard to write.

I always keep documents open with ideas for other stories than whatever is in progress, mostly so that ideas don’t get lost, but also so that I can keep clues going about future books within my current ones. (I’m a sucker for long-haul foreshadowing and symbols. I lovingly blame Patrick Rothfuss for this.) By the way, there are fourteen hints in Broken Records for future books, and of those, five deal with Ariana.

I’ve avoided anything with her story because it is a hard one, and involves themes very close to my own life. Still, I feel those themes are Ariana’s, and need to be told. When I came up with some ideas today, I knew it was time to write them down.

But oh, man. The angst. Her story is two books away (the order right now is Lucy, Nico, Lettie, Ariana, Matteo, Dante, Sophia, Elena, but the last three may move around), but I thought I would warn you in advance. Matteo’s story is much lighter because, hey, it’s Matteo, so at least Ariana’s will be followed by our favorite goofball.

For now, I’m taking a break from the outline and listening to some Steve Martin stand-up to counter the mood. Back to Nico after that.

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