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Rock Star Poetry

Updated: Jun 26

Like Lucy, I’ve always been fascinated by rock history. I had a turntable in my bedroom as a teenager, and I can clearly remember THE MOMENT when I put The White Album on for the first time. I also had a massive crush on George Harrison, despite the fact that I was clearly a lot younger.

I found a box of all my old writings and found this poem I wrote for English class when I was a junior in high school. It’s about as Lucy Meyer as you can get. Enjoy the weirdness of my 16-year-old self.

“If Only George Harrison Went to my School”

If only the Beatles were 18 again, And living right next door to me, And if only George Harrison went to my school, And was a senior at (school name here). George and I would be the best of friends, Driving to school together each day, And we would have the same schedule, With first period History to start the day. He would help me with my Algebra, While I’d help with his American History, And, as for Chemistry, we’d both agree The whole class is one big damn mystery. We’d experience the magic of Drawing I, And share the volleyball nets in Gym, And of course, take a class in Parenting, with our electro-babies, Ricky and Kim. We wouldn’t be together just during school, When academics weren’t the most important thing, Cheering for the home team at all the games, And be crowned Homecoming Queen and King. And one bright Spring day, during the third quarter, My George would turn to me with all his might, And say shyly, in that accent of his, “Hey, love? What are you doing on Prom Night?” I, of course, would say, “Nothing,” and the deal would be done, And I’d go pick out a shimmery sky blue dress, And George would go rent a bright black tux, With shiny shoes, and a smart blue vest. That night, he would pick me up in a long limousine, With our friends, John, Paul, Ringo and their dates, And we’d head off to a lovely sociable restaurant, Where there was no meat (which everyone hates). After the meal, we’d head to the dance, With the prom theme of “Medieval Dream,” And, walking through the palace-like entrance, I’d be a princess, or so it would seem. And with my Prince George by my side, And our courtiers (Paul, Ringo, and John), We’d spend the night dancing and laughing, And staying happy till the break of dawn. But, of course, George Harrison doesn’t go to my school, Nor are he and the Beatles 18 again, My George is really fifty-eight, married, and happy, And I don’t think he’ll go to high school again. But if ever I see George Harrison’s face, In magazines, newspapers, and other things, I’ll smile at him, and give him a wink, And look at my Homecoming King. And if I should have the chance to really meet George, Even though he’s now a husband and dad, I’d give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek, And say, “Thanks for the best prom I never had.” But until that day, all I can do is wish And use my imagination as my only tool To bring my George Harrison back to me Oh! If only George Harrison went to my school! Oh, man. So much to explore here:

  • I hated Chemistry class with a passion.

  • I still can’t hit a volleyball so I’m not sure why Teen Me added that in.

  • I loved my electro-baby in Parenting class and totally named it Ricky after Ricky Nelson.

  • I was a vegetarian in high school, and all the Beatles were as well. Vegetarians, not in high school. That would invalidate the poem in the first place.

  • Now knowing what I know about the Beatles and their personalities, there’s no way a prom would have gone as smoothly or legally as this one.

  • This was written the year before he died, so you can imagine how heartbroken I was when he passed.

  • This is literally a poem about George Harrison going to prom with me and treating me like a princess. I’m pretty sure I was always destined to write romance novels.

Until next time (or the next weird thing I find in this box),

Bree Bennett

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