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Spring is Coming…

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

And so is Mother Road, at last. I’ll update you when I’ve got the preorder page up. This book was significantly more difficult due to extenuating circumstances as well as the subject matter, but in the end, I’m excited to share it with you. Half the fun of it is me trying to out-nerd myself. There is are multiple lines/scenes that are so ridiculous and I don’t know if anyone will actually catch the meaning, but it makes me so ridiculously happy.

Last night, I put some of the text through a text-to-voice app just to hear someone that sounded like a British wizard say naughty words. So, you know, I’m adulting hard. Here’s a bit of information in the meantime!

BLURB: Seven months after the accident that changed his life, Nico Meyer just wants everything to settle back to the way it was. A solo trip across historical Route 66 seems to be the soul-searching journey he needs—until a snarky stowaway derails all of his plans.

On par with the rest of his life, Eli Tenney manages to lose everything in a single night. An honest mistake—and some fast talking—gives him the chance to postpone his return to the real world, as long as he doesn’t drive the grumpy literature professor at his side completely crazy.

Featuring a psychedelic van, lots of milkshakes, classic American tourist attractions, and plenty of Meyer family craziness, Mother Road is a road trip romance about two lost souls learning that on life’s highway, there’s no turning back.

TRIGGER WARNINGS: Car accident and recovery (including reduced mobility); cancer and caring for a cancer patient; grief and death of a parent; anxiety and depression, including panic attacks


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