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Tiktoks and Release Dates

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Hello everyone! A few updates.

1) I will know the official release date on Friday, May 20, but I am shooting for May 31 for Mother Road. I’ll update the blog among all the other social media at the same time when I know for sure. May 31 was my dad’s birthday. The pro of that, this date honors his encouragement for my writing. The con would be that he often got carsick, so maybe a road trip book isn’t the best choice. :D

2) I have a TikTok. OMG. I’m super shy about how I look and honestly, I wasn’t going to do the video/pic thing on social media. Alexis Hall doesn’t, and often, where Alexis Hall goes, so goes my nation. But I swallowed my pride and a few Tums and did it anyway. The username is @authorbreebennett like most things. So far it is me talking about writing, my neurodivergent ways, growing out my pixie cut, and videos of Harry Houdini, my kitten. All very important things. You can of course find me on Instagram (@authorbreebennett) and Twitter (@authorbbennett because I couldn’t get the long name), although Twitter can be a bit of a trash fire sometime and it’s usually just me requoting tweets with “THIS.”

3) The ebook cover of Broken Records was slightly retooled to match Mother Road’s cover, and the paperback was retooled to match completely.

That’s all for now. Some exciting things are in the hopper, but most importantly, Mother Road is coming soon!!

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