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Sparrow Hill Stories #1

Broken Records

A girl running from the past. A rock star with no future.

When Lucy stumbles upon a hidden record store in the heart of Brooklyn, the last thing she expects to find is a washed-up rockstar. Enter Jack Hunter, infamous for his wild behavior and long-gone talent.

When Jack's PR team comes up with the idea to have him settle down and show the world his softer side, Lucy finds herself caught up in Jack’s journey to transform from a reckless rebel to a charming musician with a heart of gold. But as she gets to know him, she sees the glimmer of a kind and passionate musician buried under the tabloid headlines. With his image on the line, can Jack find love and redemption in the form of the enigmatic Lucy?

Follow Jack and Lucy’s journey in Broken Records, a heartwarming story about how music can heal even the most wounded of souls.

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Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

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